Thursday, September 25

Burn update

Monday I took Logan to the Dr. She said the burn looked amazing and she didn't think there would be any scares. It looks great.

Saturday, September 20

Logan's hand

Yesterday, Logan suffered second degree burns to four of his fingers on his right hand. He stuck his hand in boiling soup. It was an accident where you just underestimate the reach of a baby. The soup was on the back burner as far away from the front as you can get. He dove for it before anyone could react. The doctor said that the quick frst aid kept it from being much worse. He goes to the dr monday to have the blisters popped and the dead skin taken off. He is bandaged up to his elbow to keep the bandage on. Which isn't working as I have had to put a new one four times.

Thursday, September 4

Logan is one!

Logan's birthday party started out with a bang. Chris and I got him two presents (knowing that he was going to be spoiled later on by everyone) but we put them out where he could see them but not touch them. Yeah it was mean. However, we did let him eat cake. The top of the cake went to Logan and he had a good time with it. Turns out Logan likes cake.

Here he is after everyone had gone home playing with his hammer. He loved it and it now must be in the car at all times so he can hit things as we travel.
This is what the cake started out looking like. We wanted it to look like a melting candy castle from a candy kingdom. Not sure if it tastd good. I think it wasn't big enough because not everyone got a piece.