Friday, December 28

This is Logan in his Christmas sunday suit Grandma gave him.
Daddy and Logan getting ready for church
Mommy knows better but couldn't help herself.

Christmas day!

Christmas morning Logan woke up bright and early with a gleam in his eye. It could have been the antibiotics but I think it was Christmas Spirit. He had slept in his stripped baby's first Christmas pj's and he looked adorable as always.

He had a bottle and was then raring to go.

When we got downstairs Logan opened his Tigger first and was fascinated with it. He couldn't take his eyes off of it, even thou there was more presents to open.

When he could tear himself away from Tigger he changed into his Christmas outfit and again looked adorable although a bit velvetly.

Well, that was about all that happened Logan's first Christmas for those of you who couldn't be here to share it. Hope all of you had a good one!

updated pictures

Logan is full of firsts lately. He rolled over the other day and he stole Daddy's french fry. Mommy had to stop and take a picture before she took it away. He cried!

Tuesday, December 18

Monday, December 17

Logan the Elf

I got these pj's for Logan for Christmas. He hates hats and tries really hard to get them off his head but he hasn't figured out how yet.
Sorry there has been so few new pictures of "Goo" but the digital camera broke. This was taken by my camera phone. I hope it comes out okay. If it does I have a whole bunch more I can add over the next few days.