Sunday, March 30

This was Logan's first Sanit Patrick's Day. We aren't Irish and I don't think Logan is either but what has that to do with the hoilday anyway right?
Logan is just a cool looking baby!
Here he is pretending to be the king of Hawaii. He loves Polynesian women!
I think this counts as our first family photo! At least as close as I can get Chris to doing one.
MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16

Just when Logan thought there was nothing more we could do to him that would cause embarassment down the line we discovered "THE SAILOR SUIT"
Here is Dad and Logan looking very cute.
Mom and Logan never seem to get pictures together (maybe because she hides from them) However, he looked too cute to pass up.
Looking adorable!

Here he is showing off how well he sits up and how cute he looks doing it!
This is a cake I made for my nieces Sweet sixteen. Other then the fact the tower leaned at the last moment. I'm thinking about a Mideveil castle for Logan's first birthday. What do you guys think?

Saturday, March 15

Just wanted to show you guys what's new with Logan. He is sitting up all by his lonesome, loves his excersaucer and his jungle jumper. He tries to crawl a lot but has only gotten up on his knees a few times. I think he will be crawling very soon and then just watch out our little explorer will be all go non-stop.

Sorry this one is blurry!
He loves this thing like no other. The toys all move around and I'm told the Easter Bunny has gotten Logan a few new toys to add to his collection.
This is our new floor. We thought since this is spungy and disney it would make a good floor covering for Logan to learn to crawl and it makes the floor less of a danger as he tries out new things. He loves to kiss Ariel. Yepp he will kiss her picture for hours!