Thursday, May 29


We went to Dallas on vacation. This is in Fort Worth. Laura, Chris, Sher, and Logan had a great time exploring all the old buildings. Downtown Ft. Worth has an awesome water garden. Logan here is walking up a wall of water. It was hot and murky so he olved the cold water on his toes.
I don't know how much Laura loves Logan but Logan loved Laura like mad. They had a great time playing together. We miss being close to Lee's family!

This is the influence Chris has over the minds of young America. Jared looks awesome like this!
Aaron looks so handsome in this hat! We will miss you when you go to the mission field but know you'll be GREAT!

Sunday, May 11

Thursday, May 8

Everyone knows how much Chris loves Superman. He thinks Logan should too! He has a whole Superman collection of clothes. It's sad Logan only has eyes for Mickey Mouse.

Recently, Logan and Mommy hitched a ride to Utah to see mommies sisters. We missed Daddy terribly but it was fun to see Grandpa with all his new babies. Here is Logan with his cousin Ryleigh.

Ryleigh is two months older than Logan but she's a dainty princess. The two of them hit it off eventually after they beat up on each other a few times, and I am sad to say a few fights over pacifier rights.

The next picture is Logan, Ryleigh, and Kerisyn. Kerisyn is my niece Timmi's baby girl. She had great fun taking care of both babies. She kept putting the pacifiers in their mouths. It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing.

My sister Lei Loni finally got to meet Logan. She let him play with her son Bryce's rattle. I was so honored and moved I cry at the memory of it.

Here is my niece Shendra. It's so weird for me to think that not so long ago Shendra was crawling around our house saying "Shena, up up" and now she is holding my son! Amazing how life goes!